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I'm a Digital Artist, Graphic Designer and photographer from Dublin. I specialise in logo design, brand identity, graphic/print design, user interface design & social media. I love Dogs, Motorbikes, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Chicken Wings and HAPPY PPL always surround yourself with happy ppl

An illustration of O’Connell Street in Dublin City I finished today.

I was going through old hard-drives today and came across some work I did ages ago which made me laugh. Hes a Smirnoff AD campaign I did. I really loved this project as it left loads of creative freedom in the brief, which is always nice and allowed me to have some fun.


Day 2: meal 4 of the day 150g fish 100g spinach 30g nuts. #10weekchallenge #nutrition #fitfam #fitness #leaningout

The first pic in my ‘Femme Fatale’ series of posters I’m working on at the moment. Theres four in total and cant wait to finish them so I can show you all.

Air Jordan i 

A 24 poster I done inspired but the new 24 season ‘Live Another Day’ and B-Movie grind house movie posters made famous again recently by ‘Sin City 2’.  

One of my all time favourite films and by far my favourite car EVER. This is a vintage poster for the Ford Mustang used in the movie ‘Bullitt’ starring Steve McQueen. 

Lady of the Lake

A tongue in cheek Tinder design ;P 

IronMan Poster